Business Plan 2022 - 2025

Dianella Heights Primary School

All students are encouraged to aim for excellence and to reach their potential through programs that extend and enrich their learning. Our staff are dedicated professionals who focus on developing your child’s literacy and numeracy skills as well as supporting their social and emotional development through researched and targeted practices.

Our approach to Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) has been carefully researched and implementation is guided by the Teaching and Learning Handbook. Inquiry-based learning practices are being established across many learning areas. Our specialist teachers cater for Science, Italian (LOTE), Health and Physical Education and Music (The Arts). We also offer Visual Art, Humanities and Technologies. Regular and robust assessment of your child’s learning journey helps inform future teaching practices and learning at our school.

Our school leadership program for senior students provides many opportunities for them to develop and display leadership qualities and attributes. These include opportunities to become a Student Councillor, Faction Captain, ICT Technician, Environmental or Library Officers. School leaders are encouraged to be proactive, by individually seeking out leadership opportunities and providing recommendations for new school initiatives at regular meetings.