Teaching and Learning

Dianella Heights Primary School

Dianella Heights Primary School is committed to teaching and learning excellence. We are a learning community that practices inclusivity, innovation, collaboration, and flexibility while inspiring and nurturing lifelong learning for students and teachers.

Our school has a strong focus on English and mathematics to ensure our students are strong communicators, imaginative thinkers, and informed citizens. We strive for excellence by ensuring we use high impact teaching and learning practices based on current and informed research. We use reliable data from ongoing assessment to reflect on our practices and processes, and plan for future learning experiences for our students.


At DHPS, we have developed a whole school approach to teaching core literacy skills based on the Science of Reading, with Explicit Instruction being the most commonly used pedagogy. Teachers follow the I Do, We Do, You Do model to introduce new concepts, ensuring all students can achieve success.  This newly learnt content is then moved into the students’ long-term memories by conducting ‘Daily Reviews’.

We use a range of evidence-based programs and learning strategies to address the three learning areas in the English curriculum (Language, Literacy and Literature), these include:

  • Sounds-Write
  • Talk 4 Writing
  • Heggerty - Phonemic Awareness
  • Spelling Mastery
  • Decodable readers
  • Explicit vocabulary instruction
  • Whole class knowledge-based reading units
  • MiniLt and MacqLit
  • Daily reviews


Numeracy pervades all aspects of our lives as citizens, in our homes and in the workplace.  A fundamental purpose of primary education is to ensure students acquire competence in mathematics.  Students learn mathematics to interpret and communicate their findings and ideas accurately and to recognise the importance of mathematics in our changing society.

At Dianella Heights Primary School, teachers deliver a balanced numeracy program providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge and language needed for thorough understanding and application of mathematical concepts. All teachers follow a consistent approach to the numeracy block. This includes revision of key concepts and basic facts, structured mental maths program and a problem-solving focus throughout concept development. All lessons are delivered using the Explicit Instruction method.

Through explicitly teaching mathematics skills and processes our students will:

  • Develop competence, enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics.
  • Acquire mathematical skills and knowledge which can be confidently applied in everyday life.
  • Understand the dynamic role of mathematics in social and technological change.
  • Use technology appropriately and effectively to support the learning of mathematics and in carrying out mathematical activities within a range of contexts. 

We use a range of evidence-based programs and learning strategies to address the three learning areas in the Mathematics curriculum (Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability and Measurement and Geometry), these include:

  • JEMM
  • JEMM +
  • EMM
  • New Wave Mental Maths
  • Daily reviews
  • Basic Facts